Certification training course

"Public Procurement Specialist"

The course is created in accordance with the Professional Standard

"Public Procurement Specialist"


The Public Procurement Specialist certification course is:


  • Lectures and workshops from top international and Ukrainian procurement experts;
  • A comprehensive and multidisciplinary program covering all the basic knowledge and skills required for public procurement;
  • Skills to defend your position during law enforcement inspections;
  • Support your project with a mentor;
  • Involvement in the Community of the Center for Improvement of Procurement
  • Ability to optimize purchasing processes in the organization, see the sources of savings, get promotions.
  • Certificate of Professional Development in Public Procurement Specialist (Postgraduate Education).



The educational program is designed in accordance with the Professional standard “Public Procurement Specialist” (Ministry of Social Policy Order No. 234 of February 18, 2019).

A mandatory component of the educational process and the certification requirement is the implementation of a practical project “Development of tender documents” that addresses the specific tasks of the organization where the program participant works. Project topics are selected by students with the help of mentors – to ensure maximum relevance to the organization’s needs and the acquisition of target skills.



This program is for you if:


  • You work in the procurement departments of state-owned enterprises / self-government bodies;
  • You are acting as the Authorized Person to carry out the procurement procedure or are a member of the Tender Committee;
  • You intend to learn how to save money in public procurement;
  • You plan to carry out more public procurement;
  • You are making the first steps in the area of public procurement.



As a result of the course you will learn:


  • Understand the needs of the internal customer and meet them in a timely, qualitative manner within the limits of the legislation and the limited budget.
  • Work with Spend Cube and make decisions based on purchasing data analysis.
  • Plan purchases and manage balances.
  • The basis of financial management and you can speak the same language with the departments of finance, accounting and economists.
  • Analyze the market and achieve high competition.
  • Quickly navigate all Prozorro procedures and their schedules.
  • Understand the legal framework and economic logic.





  • Natalia Shapoval, Head of KSE Institute, Co-Founder of Procurement Improvement Center
  • Lilia Lakhtionova, Director of the Department of Public Procurement Regulation, MEDT
  • Irina Povoroznyk, ex-Chief Procurement officer SEVERSTAL
  • Inna Maznyak, Head of Procurement, Nestle Ukraine
  • Michael Schneider, ex-Chief Procurement officer, Ukrposhta
  • Volodymyr Stetsyk, Member of CEP Supervisory Board, International Procurement Expert
  • Arthur Kovalchuk, Senior KSE Data Analyst
  • Yaroslav Dubrova, Lawyer, expert in public procurement
  • Olga Nechitaylo, State Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • Christina Artemenko, Public Procurement Expert
  • Sergiy Gvozdov, Professor of KSE
  • Alexey Zadoyenko, Senior Associate at white collar defense, lawyer, Candidate of Law, Arzinger
  • Yulia Sytnyk, Deputy Head of Organizational Affairs, the SmartTender platform



Duration and format:


11 weeks

6-8 hours / week online, 2 offline workshops (quarantine – online)



Start of training: October 2021



Blended Learning format, including:


  • Online lectures of course trainers with professional knowledge in procurement management in the public and commercial sectors;
  • Online tests;
  • Online one-on-one project feedback, when participants receive feedback, one-on-one consulting support from project mentors;
  • 2 Offline modules of weekend workshops for learning and summarizing the lessons learned with lecturers and classmates (quarantined – online);
  • Final exam and public defense of final projects, aimed at ensuring the quality of the course through direct supervision by the trainers.


The number of listeners in the group is up to 35.

You can learn more about the course on our online learning platform at this link.





To access the course, payment must be made by October 20. The cost is UAH 9,000 for individuals and UAH 11,900 for legal entities. For individuals it is possible to pay in 2 or 3 parts without overpayments.


Training program:


Module 1. What are the steps you need to take to make a purchase?

Module 2. Internal customer needs analysis – how to do it.

Module 3. Key data of the procurement specialist and how to process the data.

Module 4. Residue management.

Module 5. Procurement planning and budgeting.

Module 6. Market analysis – how to do it specifically.

Module 7. Estimated Expected Value.

Module 8. Preparation of tender documentation and draft contract.

Module 9. Process in Prozorro.

Module 10. Procurement of construction and repair.

Module 11. Typical violations of the law.

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11 weeks