Master’s in Business and Financial Economics

This one-year program focuses on fundamental economic and financial knowledge and skills essential for a successful career in data-driven business analysis. This training leads to careers in banks, financial institutions, investment funds, consulting, audit and industry in positions like analysts, consultants and financial specialists.


Due to modern skills and knowledge in economics and finance, graduates are competitive in the international labor market. The ability to structure tasks quickly, systematically approach them, perform quantitative and qualitative data analysis and, as a result, to offer complex solutions, opens wide career opportunities for program graduates: investment funds, consulting firms, audit firms, financial institutions, and industry.



What will you get at the end of the program?

Hard skills: Data analysis, R (programming language), Quantitative reasoning, Financial modelling, Financial Analysis, Evidence-based decision making

Soft skills: Problem solving, Team work, Critical thinking, Time management, Stress resistance, Analytical reasoning, Presentation skills


At the end of the program you will:

  • be well prepared to make important managerial decisions
  • be able to apply quantitative tools to formalize and answer business questions
  • be well equipped for exciting career in business
  • will get a state diploma and a receive the University of Houston diploma (subject to academic requirements and additional pay)


Tuition fee

The tuition fee paid by a student is 90 000 UAH for the whole program*. Payments are done in five installments during the academic year.


Students who would also wish to receive the University of Houston MA Degree in Applied Economics upon their graduation from the Program will also need to cover the UH fee for this degree – €1500 (to receive the University of Houston diploma a student must fulfill the academic requirements: the GPA of the bachelor diploma and the UH blocks must be B or higher).


Students of the program may receive tuition discounts and scholarships from the Ampersand Education Foundation. Find more about financial support at the link.


* The full cost of providing education at the KSE MA Program in Business and Financial Economics is €10,000 a year, students of the program automatically receive a scholarship in the amount of €7,000 which is funded by the KSE donors.


Financial support

Deferred tuition

Kyiv School of Economics gives an opportunity to defer payment in case of a strong financial need.

Deferral of tuition payments is a special kind of financial support that allows students to postpone payment of the KSE tuition. Student can submit request for the deferral after the first miniterm of study at KSE.

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₴ 90000



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