Strategic Management

MBA program course


Course description:

To succeed in the future, managers must develop the resources and capabilities needed to gain and sustain advantage in competitive markets—traditional and emerging. The way in which organizations attempt to develop such competitive advantage constitutes the essence of their strategy.

This course introduces the concept of strategic management through readings, discussion, and case analyses, and considers the basic direction and goals of an organization, the environment (social, political, technological, economic and global factors), industry and market structure, and organizational strengths and weaknesses. The emphasis is on the development and successful implementation of strategy in different types of firms across industries.


Course structure:

The format of the course is based on a mixture of lectures, cases, readings and guest speakers. Understanding both practice and theory, and acquiring the skill to apply one to the other, should be the core of this course.


A series of deliverables is assigned to develop different skills:

  • Individual class contribution
  • Group case presentation
  • Group case challenge
  • Class quiz
  • Final project


Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the nature of strategic competitiveness and develop the ability to analyze the competitive environment facing a firm, assess the attractiveness of the industry and isolate potential sources of competitive advantage and disadvantage.
  • Develop business-level strategies by defining the type of advantage sought, the scope of operations and activities required to deliver the chosen strategy. Assess the likely sustainability of firm strategies and competitive positions.
  • Discriminate among the types of data that general managers need to evaluate alternative scenarios. Make quantitative assessments of strategic alternatives and develop logical, coherent and persuasive analyses for a desired course of action.
  • Consider the actions of competitors and how that impacts your ability to reach your strategic goals. Develop courses of actions that incorporate the actions of multiple players in the marketplace.
  • Integrate knowledge and apply analytical techniques from various disciplines, including finance, accounting, marketing, operations, organization theory, and organizational behavior, and particularly economics. The goal is to identify and analyze strategic issues and develop solutions in the form of actionable plans with the purpose of developing and sustaining a competitive advantage.
  • Consider how to effectively implement plans within the constraints imposed by the complex behavior of individuals within organizations. Each student should be able to effectively communicate his or her conclusions in both oral and written form.
  • Assess differing styles of management and leadership and consider the essential role of personal values in leading an organization.


Course outline:

  • Introduction to strategic management
  • Strategy formulation and implementation
  • Industry analysis
  • Cost analysis, the economics of retaliation and accommodation, competitor analysis
  • Competitive advantage
  • Corporate strategy
  • Blue-Ocean strategy
  • Strategy execution
  • Final project presentations and discussions


Language: English


Exams & certification: After the successful completion of the course, the participants will get a certificate.


Price: UAH 35 500


Dates & duration: May – July 2021 (50 academic hours)

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