Student activities at Kyiv School of Economics

KSE Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) is a community of students interested in technology. By joining a GDSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for real-life problems. At GDSC, we:

  • Connect: meet students interested in technologies at your university and beyond
  • Learn: gain new skills and knowledge through hands-on workshops, lectures, events, etc.
  • Grow: apply our skills to solve problems

Our mission is to gather the most motivated and bright students, share knowledge and experience, learn new skills, connect, and grow together. Become a part of our community by joining to our social networks:

KSE Case Club is a student organization which serves as a platform to develop business problem-solving skills, learn about analytics and consulting from professionals, and to build new connections for professional development.

Club meetings traditionally take place on Sunday mornings in Kyiv School of Economics, are free and open to everyone.

Ідея клубу:

Показати та розказати про життєвий цикл продукту в ІТ. Від стадії ідеї, до запуску та підтримки продукту. Ми плануємо розповісти про все від банальних запитань: “Хто такий Product Owner” та “Що таке продукт?”, до процесу роботи зі стейкхолдерами та прототипування продукту.

Для кого?

  • Для студентів, які хочуть розібратися з процесом роботи над продуктом в ІТ-індустрії.
  • Для професіоналів, що працюють з ІТ-продуктами.
  • Для молодих стартаперів які мають ідею, але не знають, як її втілити.

Формат клубу?

  • Лекції
  • Воркшопи
  • Розробка концепції продукту в командах
  • Домашні завдання

KSE Finance Club is a student organization dedicated to group students who are interested in finance-related careers and connect them with professionals from the field. One of the club’s core objectives is an organization of speaker series with representatives from the industry in order to equip students with necessary soft and hard skills for a successful career.

KSE Finance Club is open for all students regardless of major and university. If interested in joining our club, you may contact us via email: [email protected]